31 enero 2011

Let Me Kiss You Now (And I'll Fade Away)

Continuando con mi racha de catarsis, dejo esta genial canción. Para los que no conocen el grupo, no duden en escucharlos, tienen muy buenas canciones....

I know that it’s too soon but it’s the final test,
Cause playing all these games is just a time to waste,
As soon as I met you, it all began to fade,
So let me kiss you now, and I’ll fade away.

You say you should be free,
I know you said that once,
Just tell me it’d be me, if you ever break that thought,
Cause I like you, yeah I like you, so I wrote this song,
Now let me know that I will move along.

Just find me a place where we can drift away,
Instead of living life like it was yesterday,
Cause dreams like these they always seem to make me wait,
So life can laugh at me for one more day.

Maybe cause our moment just came and went,
But I’ll still write these songs because I like to vent,
And maybe come tomorrow we’ll forget I sent
All my thoughts of you and mine (away?).

Cause all my memories are just a single frame,
If we could take a picture of just one more play,
Let it be today and maybe I’ll say,
Let me kiss you now and I’ll fade away.

Let me kiss you now and I’ll fade away

24 enero 2011

I didn't mean to...

Oh you can have it all and wrap it in the world
You can have everything
You can have love and lots of other things
To make you think
But when it all comes down to you girl
Yeah no matter what you do
Take a look at yourself and realize
I've been good to you
I've been good to you

Oh no! I didn't mean to say what I did say
All about lovers and how they should lay
That was never for me to say and say
Don't you see now how I pay

I see the sun rising
And all you see is its fall, fall, fall

So come on up
Wasn't it you who said life was like a plastic cup
To be used and then disposed of
Yeah but thats no way to live a life like yours
Don't you see now how i pay

I see the sun rising
And all you see is its fall, fall, fall

For all the times i never never turned away
And now she is there on someone else's arms